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Project Viewer 365
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Project Viewer 365 for SharePoint

Free Web Part for SharePoint

View MS Project MPP files from your SharePoint sites without MS Project installed on your computer.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Download Project Viewer 365 Web Part to your computer
    (click here to download PV365 Web Part)
  2. Upload Project Viewer 365 Web Part to your SharePoint web part gallery
  3. View MPP files in your browser

Detailed Project Viewer 365 Web Part Install Instructions

Go to your Share Point Site Settings and click on Web Parts under Galleries

SharePoint Galleries

Click on Browse and select the Project Viewer 365 dwp file to upload it to your Web Parts Gallery.

Browse for 365 Web Part

Drag and drop the Project Viewer 365 web part to your desired SharePoint website.

The MPP project file will display in your browser. Click on various views and reports to display project information.

View, sort, create reports

View MPP files from SharePoint Online with any operating system or device

If you keep your MPP files in SharePoint Online, you can use Project Viewer 365 to view them from your PC/Server, iPad/iPhone, Windows RT Tablet, MAC, Android Device or any device that supports a web browser. Project Viewer 365 for MS Project MPP files is fully integrated with SharePoint Online. Install Project Viewer 365 for your platform and select File/Open from SharePoint Online to view your MPP.

Open MPP form SharePoint Online

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Enterprise Solutions: Project Viewer Web Server & SharePoint Server Integration

Install and connect our powerful Project Viewer Web Server application on your premises' SharePoint Server to open and view Microsoft Project files from your document lists and project folders.

Use Project Viewer 365 Web Server integrated with SharePoint Server