Buy a Universal Subscription Platform (UPS) and get apps for any or all platforms or devices – Win, Mac, iOS, Android and Web!

Project Viewer 365 Individual
Universal Platform Subscription

View MS Project Plans from any device or platforms with our apps

$19.99 USD/user/year


  • Open MPPs from Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android devices
  • Support for all standard and custom tables and views
Project Viewer 365 Business
Perpetual/One Time Purchase
For Windows and Mac devices
- $149.99 USD
- $279.99 USD
- $1,249.99 USD
- $1,999.99 USD
- $3,499.99 USD
- $4,499.99 USD


  • One license key for easy deployment in your organization
  • For Windows and Mac devices
  • One year free maintenance and support included
Project Viewer 365 Enterprise
Minimum 500 users


  • Custom deployment packages, no need for license key activation
  • Installation and package customization support
  • Regional and World Wide licensing options