In the News

Project Viewer 365 and Project Plan 365 pop up often in the news, on blog sites and in trade journals. We’ve collected those for you here, where you can also download a press kit if needed for your publication. So thanks for reading –  and reporting!

We are currently preparing a press kit for media distribution, so until we have that uploaded for you, just send us a note and we’ll try to get you what you need.

Below are some of the recent articles about Project Plan 365; if you know of others that you have found useful, drop us a line, and we will include your news here as well.


This article on describes how Project Plan 365 & Project Viewer 365 can be used to create a PMO software system – on the cheap!

Travel Companion Wanted: Must Do Microsoft Project

This article explains how Project Plan 365 is the perfect travel companion for Microsoft Project users, who need to edit plans on the go, and on platforms and devices not supported by Microsoft.

Case Study: Project Plan 365 in Kathmandu

This video shows how Project Plan 365 & Project Viewer 365 are being used in Kathmandu Nepal to help with earthquake reconstruction.