Project Viewer 365 for iOS

Project Viewer 365 for iOS is the only way to open up the .mpp file format on the iOS platform, without messy conversions or imports found in other apps.

Project Viewer 365 for iOS is also the perfect companion to Project Viewer 365 for Mac, as you can then control your project work while you are on the go, and out in the field using your Apple device.

Project Viewer 365 for iOS looks and works just like the desktop versions, so there is virtually no learning curve when switching from one to another. And with our cloud services support, storing your project files is as easy as can be. 

So why not give Project Viewer 365 for iOS a try today?

Installation Support

For installation and user support, see our online help page, where we offer free guides to get you up and running as fast as possible.


Benefits of Project Viewer 365 for iOS

  • Use any Apple device to create, edit or view any Microsoft Project plan (.mpp file).
  • Distribute the free or paid Project Viewer 365 to other team members who don't need to make changes to the plan.
  • Work seemlessy with other users, regardless of device or platform.
  • Use either your Apple iPhone or iPad.
  • Works on all recent versions of iOS.
  • Comes included with your UPS subscription.

What’s New in Project Viewer 365